Tulipchica (tulipchica) wrote in farmshares,

very cool idea!

I'm very glad this community was started! I live in Greenville, NC (Eastern North Carolina) and just joined a local CSA. I, along with another girl, were the ones who pushed the farmer to have a pick-up location in our area--since he didn't come out to Greenville previously. So, yay! I picked up my first batch of produce just yesterday (a share for a "couple" for $25).

We received:
Red Potatos
Green Onions
Mustard Greens ( Old Fashioned) (huuuuuuuuuuge bag!!!)
Turnip Greens
Lettuce (two types)
Strawberries (very sweet)

Tonight, I'm going to roast some potatos and beets, and use up a lot of the greens with this hortopita (kind of like a spanikopita pie) recipe. I'm going to need to get creative with the greens, because we have a lot of them!!
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