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farmshares's Journal

Farm Share Recipes- What do I do with this?
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This is a place to exchange recipes or strategies for getting the most of farm share (CSA) Veggies.
Farm shares are fantastic. You get a pile of amazingly fresh veggies, all though the summer (and longer if you live in the right places, but sometimes a little help is great. Also, as you experiment and come up with great new recipes, it's nice to have a place to share them!

I am hoping this will serve as a place where we can help each other answer these burning questions:

What is is this and how do I cook it?

I only know one recipe for X, and I have 2 pounds of it!

I just got another 10 lbs of tomatoes... HELP!!!!

Can you freeze/pickle/can this?

.. and likely any other food related questions!

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, and yours!