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How's it going?

So we have reached the point in the summer where the harvest should be at it's greatest. Are folks getting overwhelmed with tomatoes, zucchini, or cucumbers? I have made lots of pickles, and some dilly beans. I was hoping to get inundated with tomatoes, but given the wet summer, that looks like it won't happen. We have gotten some nice tomatoes, but not in volumes enough to make sauce, chili, or ketchup. (I may buy some sauce tomatoes, so that I can make some ketchup of burning).

What are your biggest crops, and what are you doing with them?

Anybody got a good ketchup recipe? I am looking to make some chipotle-laced sauce.
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i made sausage soup and eggplant ratatouille (both freeze well). my cooking RSS feed is
The biggest thing we've been getting during the past month are monster watermelons. My husband and I have steadily been just cutting them up and eating them (storing slices in the fridge)--but it's slow going, and I have an 8+lb watermelon currently staring at me from the dining room table!

I've looked at other things to do with the watermelon--popsicles, salsa, putting it in a salad--but haven't done those things yet.
Watermelon popsicles sound divine!
Our cukes and most of our squash were sadly destroyed by cucumber beetles and squash vine borers this year,but we have been getting a lot of big,beautiful heirloom tomatoes.So far,I've put up some stewed tomatoes,tomato sauce, and also frozen a couple batches of basil pesto,since our basil pretty much exploded this year.The basil pesto freezes very well in ice cube trays.Pop them out,put 'em in a freezer bag,and TA-DA-you've got quarter cup servings of sauce!!Yummy!!