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CSA options in Alaska!

This past summer, I belonged to a CSA in Georgia called TaylOrganic that I loved. A friend and I split a share, and had a really great experience with it, though we found we were "inspired" by what we received each week and since we didn't always know ahead of time what we were getting, it made grocery shopping for the other stuff a little difficult. Then I ended up moving to Alaska for work. I've been here a couple weeks, and had despaired of finding a CSA option at all.

It turns out there are many summer options that are local, and fill up very quickly. To tide everyone over the winter, though, many people get boxes of organic veggies from Western Washington. I recently signed up for a CSA share through Full Circle Farm, an organic CSA based outside of Seattle, that has a large enough following in Alaska that the prices are actually pretty good--$40.00 for a small box, and that includes the delivery feel. Also, because Full Circle has a great online ordering system, I am able to sign in on the site right now to see that I will be getting Romaine Lettuce, Carrots, Golden Beets, Thyme, Rainbow Chard, D'anjou Pears, Baby White Turnips, Mangos, Celery, Valencia Oranges, Cucumbers, Braeburn Apples, and Scallions in my box next week, and I can swap out items if I wanted to. Also, if I detested, say, chard, I could put that on my permanent exemption list, and I would never receive it at all. This eliminates the "hard to shop for other groceries" challenge that I had with the Georgia CSA. I can also change the frequency that I get deliveries of this wonderful produce, all grown on the farm or in the Pacific Northwest (ok, well, not the mangos or the oranges). I can't wait!!!
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